Point65 is northen Europe biggest kayak company. Since August 2008, Point65 has contracted deBrito deSign to develop the next generaton of kayaking.


This has resulted in dubbled revinue and designprices.



Latest News:



2010.11.17 »


Point65 receive Popular Science

Magazine's "Best of What's New 2010" award for the Tequila, a deBrito deSign


2010.10.05 »


The new kayaks were launched at

Kanumesse. The Martini, the XP18 Spyder and the Burbon Orca.



2010.03.16 »


The Tequila kayak from Point65, a de Brito deSign, got a Red Dot with hounorable mention.


2010.03.01 »


A new surfski prototype called XP21 was tested for the fist time.


2010.02.23 »


The Tequila kayak from Point65, a de Brito deSign, has been nominated to "news of the year" at the Swedish boat show "Allt för Sjön".


2009.12.23 »


The Tequila kayak from Point65, a de Brito deSign, has been selected as a finalist in the ISPO Brand New Award


2009.08.29 »


The first three XP18 arraved to Stockholm and paticipated in Stockholm kanoe marathon.








Bourbon Orca


XP18 Spyder















New projects under progress



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